The Block's Keith Schleiger's unlikely new role – motivating Aussies to move for an uplifted mood

Keith swaps steel caps to running shoes for his biggest renovation yet.

Australia’s favourite foreman, Keith Schleiger of The Block, today heroes ASICS’ latest campaign, Live Uplifted, in a global push to motivate more people to get moving.

Keith aka ‘The Blockinator’ is kicking off his steel cap boots and slipping on his running shoes for his biggest renovation project yet – himself. Put through his paces, the typically grumpy foreman experienced more than just improvement on his physical fitness, his biggest transformation was his mind.


Keith underwent a training program with ASICS that involved 30 minutes of physical activity daily, although he found that all he needed was 15 minutes of movement for an improved state of mind. This revelation follows ASICS’ Mind Race recent study that established it takes just 15 minutes and 9 seconds of exercise to uplift your mood.

This research from ASICS also found that from 16 countries evaluated, Australia was ranked 12/16 for mental wellbeing. Australia was also stacked in the lower percentile of physical activity rates, ranked 13/16 with on average Australians exercising less than 30 minutes per day. The ASICS study also uncovered that Baby Boomers in fact were more active VS Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.


From these findings, Keith was motivated to uplift Australians and encourage the country to make time to move daily. To commit to his daily movement practice, Keith has set a fitness goal to participate in the 5km fun run in the 2022 Run Melbourne event in July.

Keith said

“As a foreman, it can be easy to forget about moving your body in a way that doesn’t involve work. Being able to get outside and move for myself in a way that helps both my body and my mind has changed the way I approach fitness. It’s not about being the strongest or most athletic, it’s about uplifting your mind. I want to encourage all Australians to get outside and get moving, it only takes 15 mins and 9 seconds of exercise to turn a foul mood into a smile.”

The global ASICS Live Uplifted campaign was conceived to inspire people around the world to prioritise movement, not just for fitness, but for mental health. Australians have the potential to uplift our mood with only 15 minutes and 9 seconds of exercise daily and ASICS hopes to see this becoming a movement nationwide.