Headquarters: Sydney, Australia 

Always Human believes creativity, innovation and possibility starts from one place – people.

For the past 20 years we have carved out our wheelhouse in knowing what’s what, and what’s not!

From the world’s number one tennis player, to the top selling action camera, we understand the importance in how you show up.

We help give voice to the stories you want to tell, foster your creative endeavours and deliver you the platform to bring it to life.

Always Human

As an independent full-service agency, we are progressive in our approach and agile by nature.

We use the convergence of culture, authentic relationships, technology and content consumption to deliver work that resonates, engages and entertains.

We offer consistency, convenience, and confidence – all under the one roof! And more importantly, we act as an extension of you to navigate challenges and deliver objectives collectively.

Always Human has specific interests in sports, entertainment, health & wellness, lifestyle, travel, technology, fashion and FMCG segments.

Josh White Founder & CEO

Born from an idea in 2001 to help pay his way through university, Josh White’s entrepreneurial vision first began at the age of 19 when he created and sold a $10 membership card that offered students discounts at well known clothing retail stores, fast food outlets and nightclubs. 

After selling thousands of cards in just a few weeks, Josh decided to produce an event his card members could attend. And as they say, the rest is history!

Always Human
Always Human Josh White Interview
Always Human Josh White Benji Madden

Josh’s career path over 20 years would see him go onto produce some of the most talked about events in Australia, represent internationally renowned music artists and athletes, and work with the world’s biggest brands across sports, entertainment and culture.

In 2022, Josh decided to rebrand the agency from Lampoon Group to Always Human.

Coming into our 20th year as Lampoon Group, we reflected on the work we have done, how much we have evolved, and what we stand for as an agency. It’s important to me that our progressive agency proposition is reflected through our identity in-market. Always Human speaks to where creativity, innovation and possibility starts – people! I’m really proud of where we have landed as an agency and I’m excited for what’s to come.
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Josh White Ellyse Perry

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