Oakley redefines traditional lifestyle eyewear with launch of Ahyris Collection

Oakley recently launched Ahyris, a lifestyle collection that features a unified design aesthetic that is symbolic of the eye.

This month, Oakley launched Ahyris – a sun and optical lifestyle collection that features a unified design aesthetic that is symbolic of and takes cues from the eye. The name “Ahy-Ris” finds its source in the collection’s inspiration, the iris of the eye, the window to the soul.

The inspiration is manifested throughout the collection, in the form of a singular design element that delivers a unique mechanical function for connecting a center frame and temples together for a distinct look.

The glasses—the Coldfuse, Chrystl, and Deadbolt — feature a single, mechanical element that holds the frame, temple, and lenses together.


Oakley Coldfuse redefines not only the look but the construction of traditional lifestyle eyewear. The technical design uses a single element to hold together the 24 pieces of the style, creating a truly progressive look that inspires confidence and self-expression.  

The lens becomes the frame with the progressive design engineering of Oakley Chrystl. The new sophisticated sunglass uses a single design element to connect the frame and temples together, topped off with a rollbar that adds both style and function.

Oakley Deadbolt embraces an unconventional design that embodies the desire to push boundaries and challenge the norm. No detail goes unnoticed in this dramatic evolution of optical eyewear – from the round silhouette and unique stem architecture to using a single design element to hold the frame and temples together.

The sunglasses feature Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology for enhanced details, colour, and contrast. Each pair of glasses also uses a three-point fit for a more precise alignment with your eyes.