A running sunglass that hits different with Oakley

Oakley Corridor, the latest running essential built for less bounce and more comfort.

Oakley® introduces Corridor: the newest essential for every running kit. Designed for every runner out there to start them off the right foot and focus on only on the run. 

“For decades, Oakley has been designing the best performance eyewear on planet Earth, but never in our history have we created something special with runners and for runners. And for that, runners of this world, we apologise,” said Caio Amato, Oakley Global Head of Marketing. “We spent countless hours discussing with runners and then we built on almost half a century of innovation to develop new sunglasses that – we hope – soon all runners will call their new running essentials. It was incredibly fun outsmarting the sun together with that community.”

Oakley met with different types of runners at every level, understanding their individual thoughts and needs. 

Runners wanted a running sunglass that was different. They wanted one for everyday running; bridging the gap between serious race day sunglasses and those they wear in daily life. And with that, the Oakley Corridor sunglass was born.

Corridor Left
Corridor Right

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