Nick Cummins joins Seven’s new series, SAS Australia

Nick Cummins joins 17 celebrity recruits in a series of life-changing physical and psychological tests on Seven’s new programme, SAS Australia.

Lampoon Group’s Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins made his premiere on Monday night on Seven’s new programme, SAS Australia. SAS Australia sees 17 Australian celebrities endure a series of gruelling tests from extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, interrogation and psychological testing. In the pilot, recruits kicked off the challenge by jumping out of a helicopter into a freezing lake, setting the tone of the series of demanding exercises issued by the ex-Special Forces soldiers. 

Cummins says the experience on SAS Australia far exceeded his expectations, “It was definitely a challenging experience. Every aspect forced me to explore my limits and discover new levels of resilience.”

Armed with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a backpack with the bare essentials, Cummins and his fellow recruits roughed it for weeks in the remote Australian hinterland. During the challenge, recruits were stretched beyond their limits. 

Cummins, whose career has seen play for his country at the highest echelon of Australian rugby, says that SAS Australia was the toughest test he had ever experienced, “It’s definitely the toughest test I’ve faced because it challenges every part of who we are!”

From -5°C sub zero temperatures, to explosions, countless injuries, water, mud, sleet, snow, shared drop toilets, limited food rationing and no producer direction – this is a show that has Australia talking. 

Tune into SAS Australia on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7:30pm on Seven and be sure to join in the conversation at @SASAust7.

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