Morgan Rose Cook

Gymnast and Fitness Personality

Global fitness personality and trainer

As one of the most followed Australian fitness figures, Morgan has amassed a worldwide reach of over 2.3 million people.

There’s very few people who present the trifecta of exceptional physical strength, flexibility and mobility. For 27 year old gymnast and Australian fitness personality, Morgan Rose Cook, it’s all about balance.

A gifted gymnast from the age of four, Morgan’s talent as a strong, poised athlete didn’t go unnoticed. Over the course of Morgan’s gymnastic career, she earned 8 National Titles at the Australian Gymnastics Championships and was recognised as the best female trio in Australia in 2011.

This success in the Australian competitive sphere saw Morgan pursue both Gymnastics Australia beginner and intermediate accreditations to help coach and nurture the next generation of gymnasts. Morgan soon found that there was one skill under her belt that both gymnasts and non-gymnasts alike were especially interested in – handstands.

Morgan had been going upside down for most of her life, so walking on her hands did not feel entirely special to her. Although the world had taken notice of her impeccable form and wanted to know her secret.

Following this, Morgan began hosting handstand workshops at local gyms in her hometown of Brisbane. Her simple, yet effective programme helped many perfect their form and cultivate strength and balance when going upside down. From yogis to callisthenics enthusiasts and gymnasts,  Morgan’s workshops were gaining momentum across the fitness community.

This increased traction around Morgan as an athlete and coach was matched online, with her social media profile growing rapidly. Videos of her incredible gymnastic abilities began to go viral, being featured on media pages across the globe. In 2018, Morgan represented Australia in the physically demanding obstacle course on the Netflix reality show, Ultimate Beastmaster.

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Morgan’s profile has since grown to 2.3M followers across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook, resulting in several high profile commercial partnerships, including being signed as a longstanding athlete for global activewear giant, Gymshark. 

Morgan’s work with Gymshark saw her exposure within the broader international fitness space, working with some of the most recognisable names in the category. On one of these occasions, Morgan met her then husband-to-be, US fitness mogul, Steve Cook.

Morgan and Steve’s love story has since seen the pair travel around the world sharing their love for fitness, teaching workshops and working on projects for their commercial partners and personal business ventures.

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The entrepreneurial duo launched swimwear company, Apollo & Sage, in March 2021, with huge success so far on their first joint project. Inspired by Morgan’s childhood in sunny Queensland, the range sees bright, bold and versatile pieces across both women’s and menswear. 

As Morgan’s training reached the global stage, as did her globetrotting; running workshops in Auckland, London and beyond. From experimenting with callisthenics training to jet setting to destinations around the world, Morgan’s love of new experiences and exploration has been a key driver of her online success. This cosmopolitan lifestyle has been a source of inspiration for many of followers, particularly on YouTube, where Morgan and Steve share their adventures to their hundreds of thousands of followers. 

From the hugely successful trajectory of the past five years, Morgan looks forward to the future. Growing her empire with Steve, working with aligned brands in the fitness and health space and travelling the world.

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