Danone expands YoPRO Frozen Dessert range with new High Protein Tubs

Danone has launched YoPRO’s Frozen Desserts tubs, seeing the expansion of their high protein Frozen Desserts range and joining the beloved Frozen Dessert sticks.

Danone’s YoPRO has today announced the launch of their Frozen Dessert tubs that will change the game in the better-for-you frozen desserts category for fitness-lovers and health-conscious consumers across Australia.

The launch sees the next phase in YoPRO’s venture into better-for-you frozen desserts, with their expansion into tubs proving to be a segment disruptor, offering 10g of natural protein and less than 165 calories per serving, 0 added sugar, creamy texture and deliciously indulgent inclusions.


YoPRO’s Frozen Desserts range will introduce four new 473ml tubs, boasting the decadent flavours of Berry White Choc, Double Choc, Mint Choc and Salted Caramel Peanut.

Salted caramel peanut

On the launch, Protein & Wellness Senior Brand Manager, Xavier Gonzalez, said

“YoPRO’s Frozen Dessert sticks have built a loyal following with consumers seeking a better-for-you high protein alternative to ice cream that doesn’t compromise on taste. We’ve taken this formula, put it into a multi-serve tub and supercharged the indulgence with delicious inclusions, while maintaining what consumers love – high protein, no added sugar and less than 165 calories per serve. Consumers can continue to enjoy dessert without undoing their hard work.”

Dietitian, Savina Rego, said

“We are seeing more Australian consumers opting for better-for-you frozen desserts that don’t compromise on taste. YoPRO’s Frozen Dessert tubs are the perfect choice for a balanced diet, ticking all the right boxes by providing high natural protein, no added sugar, and less than 165 calories per serve without compromising on taste, making it the perfect indulgent treat that also hits your macro goals!”