Beats by Dre: Powerbeats Pro Social Advocacy Launch

Always Human amplify Powerbeats Pro launch utilising Australian athletes and cultural KOL's.

01 - TASK

Beats by Dre unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, the latest in their redesigned wire-free earphones.

Always Human was tasked with creating local noise for the newly released Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro earphones utilising top tier athletes, fitness and culture millennial targets on social media who fit the Beats brand identity in the Australian market.

Working with our wide network of talent and influencer relationships, Always Human was responsible for managing the entire seeding process, inclusive of advocate identification, reach-out and product pitch, negotiating mutually beneficial deliverables with each advocate, product and content education, seeding logistics, social messaging direction and in-depth reporting.

02 - WORK

Working with the best advocates to represent Beats by Dre through authentic, high quality social content and product messaging.

With only 30 products available for our campaign, it was imperative each advocate identified was onboarded thoroughly to ensure the best ROI for Beats by Dre.

Each advocate we engaged understood the individual brand leverage that came from being aligned with a reputable global brand such as Beats by Dre, and the importance in representing the brand authentically to their audience.

From initial advocate briefing to final delivery of social assets, Always Human tailored the approach for each advocate throughout the seeding process to ensure Beats received a high standard of social content visibility and authentic product messaging to support the launch.

Always Human News Phone Left
Always Human News Phone Right

In-depth project reporting and analysis

The Powerbeats Pro social advocacy launch was a huge success, in part to Always Human’s extensive relationships across our talent and influencer network, as well as the care taken in our approach to the advocate identification, briefing and content delivery process.

Beats by Dre received an average of 2.6 share posts from each target with an estimated earned reach of 5.4 million people.


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