ASICS Sportstyle launches GT-II in collaboration with Australian Boutique, Up There

ASICS Sportstyle x UP THERE debut collaborative sneaker is inspired by Japanese and Australian botanics.

New ideas blossom through a collaborative partnership between ASICS and Australian retailer Up There. This transpacific partnership is expressed through floral emblems, inspiring a unique version of the ASICS GT-II sneaker.

up there asics gt ii with flowers 14
up there asics gt ii no flowers 1

As the official flower of Hyogo Prefecture, Japanese Chrysanthemum represents ASICS, whilst Pink Heath is emblematic of Up There’s home in Victoria, Australia.

This botanical union is symbolic of a partnership bridging oceans and language barriers, galvanised through a decade of working together.

up there asics gt ii with flowers 59 (1)
up there asics gt ii no flowers 14

As representations of home and environment, both flowers are expressed pictorially and through a distinct colourway. A crochet mesh is stained with the tones of Pink Heath, colours bleeding and blending into one another. Each tongue depicts both Japanese Chrysanthemum and Pink Heat with intricate embroidery on alternate shoes.

Panels feature a mix of suede in dusty greys melding with sage tones that echo silvery Chrysanthemum leaves. A zigzag stitch secures the iconic ASICS tiger stripes, a stylistic flair unique to the shoe.