Always Human and Prime Video welcome Saltburn to home screens

Always Human gets Australia’s hottest talent to ‘Live Like Saltburn’ in celebration of its release on Prime Video. 

As we neared the end of 2023, Saltburn made its mark in more ways than one. 

Heralded as one of last year’s most divisive films, the psychological thriller became a hit as audiences globally were equal parts amused, horrified and disgusted by the part satire, part black comedy sensation.

Ahead of its debut on Prime Video on the 22nd December, Always Human was engaged to develop a social first campaign with influencer marketing to drive buzz, talkability and word of mouth. 

Saltburn Barry Keoghan on balcony
Saltburn Alison Oliver with champagne

The challenge was to continue conversations beyond its cinema release and onto Prime Video. 

Always Human recognised that Saltburn is not just a movie, but a lifestyle that could be emulated in social content from fashion, to dance, to entertainment and even interiors. The guiding thought was to create aspirational content, motivating viewers to experience the cultural influence of Saltburn at home. 

Inspired by the quote, “lots of people get lost in Saltburn”, Always Human devised a robust influencer strategy, aimed to inspire a total Saltburn cultural immersion.

Alison Oliver, Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan on couch
Saltburn Rosamund Pike

Always Human enlisted the creative platforms of some of Australia’s most exciting high tier creators across Instagram and TikTok to tell the ‘Live Like Saltburn’ story by tapping into their own unique content styles influenced by the dark, sexy and deadly world of Saltburn. 

From partying, to fashion, dancing and even floral arrangements, Always Human successfully tapped into ‘Saltburn effect’ in social, which in turn allowed the influencer campaign to continue to grow in success as the world delved into the huge pop culture moment Saltburn continues to enjoy today. 

We worked with September Studio, the viral florist and one of Australia’s hottest content creators who created a Saltburn inspired floral arrangement. Jacquie Alexander, popular fashion and lifestyle influencer who recreated a Saltburn soiree speaking to the entire Saltburn aesthetic and Nathan Lust, the viral dance TikToker who recreated his own version of Oliver’s ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ dance (IYKYK). Last but by no means least, to throw Aussie’s right back to the 2007 style era, we worked with fashion and lifestyle influencers, Harry Holland and Carmen Azzopardi who recreated three Saltburn inspired looks.

If you’re one of the rare people yet to watch Saltburn, head to Prime Video now and sink your teeth into the stunning, yet shocking world of Saltburn.

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