Oakley pay homage to brand’s past in new ‘Origins’ collection

Oakley’s new collection tributes the 35th anniversary of some of the brand’s most iconic designs

Oakley has released a new collection of eyewear, celebrating the 35th anniversary of some of the brand’s most iconic frames. The new range – ‘Origins’ has pulled inspiration from the original designs that embarked Oakley’s journey as pioneers of sport performance eyewear and a household brand within sport and street culture. 

To celebrate that spirit and history of self-progression, the collection leads with Sutro Eyeshade. A refreshed edition of a recent performance frame which has borrowed design features and colourways from Eyeshade – Oakley’s first performance eyewear piece, created 35 years ago.


While Oakley is positioned as pioneers in sport performance, it was the moment when lifestyle sunglass, Frogskins also launched 35 years ago that drove Oakley into a globally recognised sunglass brand. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Frogskins, ’Origins’ has revived the original frame – bringing in its colour palette, design and added Prizm lens technology. 

In addition to the refreshed frames, Oakley’s new range will also see the brand further establish their presence on the golf course. Portal and Portal X integrates sport-specific designs and industry-leading innovations into a fresh, aerodynamic design aesthetic offering superb performance.


Lugplate also joins the collection, with innovative design elements – created for the committed, confident individual who appreciates a truly unique lifestyle aesthetic.


Oakley is also continuing to build on the momentum and equity in the brand’s women’s business through an approach to design that captures today’s progressive, empowered female. The new Trailing Point bridges sporty functionality with style. 

Side Swept is another female lens that provides a versatile sunglass exuding a highly functional style that effortly pairs with daily activities from fitness to social occasions. 


Oakley’s eyewear range is available at www.oakley.com/en-au