GoPro Fusion takes over Hamilton Island

01. TASK

Educate media and social advocates as to the new 360 camera offering

Always Human was tasked with 2 main objectives from GoPro for 2017: travel and education for media and social influencers.

We identified Hamilton Island as a content creator’s dream to create an epic and educational experience that would combine these two objectives.

We worked with Hamilton Island Tourism to host 4 top-tier media across lifestyle and technology (News.com.au, GQ, Boss Hunting and Gizmodo), 6 GoPro advocates and the GoPro US production team in Hamilton Island. The aim of the trip was 3 pronged:

1. Educate media from a consumer point of view

2. Educate advocates as to how to enhance their storytelling and editing abilities at a more advanced level

3. Shoot a Global advert using the ANZ advocates as the stars


Curate an immersive experience

The trip was designed to immerse the media in the GoPro ecosystem and to educate them on the products abilities and software. The main objective was to showcase just how easily GoPro can be integrated into their day and how easy the mobile editing process is for all consumers.

The media had the chance to spend time with the GoPro production team. The team showed them the software/editing process and gave their consumer friendly ‘top tricks’ for using GoPro and for taking the best photos and videos.

The media also accompanied the advocates on the activities throughout the experience and were able to see first hand how they utilised their GoPro’s in their content creating.

Sam Earp GoPro Fusion 1
GoPro Fusion Lampoon Group

Bring GoPro’s best local and international content creators to the party

The advocates had the opportunity to shoot some epic content during the activities we laid out including – a day sailing the Whitsundays, helicopter rides over the Great Barrier Reef, ATV tour, jet skiing, hiking, and parasailing.

The advocates also had daily editing sessions with the US production team to help them hone their skills and learn about the new software.

10 native posts received a combined engagement of 51K and a reach of 220K.

33 advocate posts have received a combined engagement of 92K and an estimated reach of 1.96 million.

A number of local tourism pages also featured advocate content, including @Queensland and @HamiltonIsland, receiving 23.5K combined engagement and an estimated reach of 1.3 million from 9 posts.

Shoot a Global Advert

The social advocates got the chance to be in a Global GoPro advert and see how the official production team went about this process. The media also had the opportunity to be immersed in the behind the scenes of a GoPro advert and to see how the products could be used in a variety of ways.